Let Us Help Repair Your Bad Credit

Is bad credit keeping you from getting approved for a car, mortgage or business loan? Is it causing you to pay higher interest rates and larger monthly payments, leaving less money to spend on the things you enjoy? Are you struggling with collections, a foreclosure or even a bankruptcy? Leaf Credit Solutions can help. We offer a variety of services that can repair your bad credit, so you can meet your financial obligations and create the life you’ve always wanted.

We offer:

  • Credit Repair: Our experts use advanced dispute techniques to address negative items on your credit history, including false, misleading or unverifiable information. Our goal is to help you achieve the best credit rating possible and gain access to lower-interest loans.
  • Credit Building: We have an arsenal of proven techniques to help you establish new credit, so you can qualify for credit cards, loans and other benefits.
  • Credit Inquiry Removal: Whenever someone runs your credit, it creates an inquiry that can remain on your credit history for two years. Inquiries make up 10 percent of your credit score, and they can lower your credit rating. We remove credit inquiries, so they don’t hurt your credit history and keep you from getting approved for loans.

Are You Ready to….

  • Stop losing sleep over late payments, judgements and other credit problems
  • Get approved for major credit cards, a new car or even a home
  • Obtain lower-interest financing to keep more money in your pocket
  • Get rid of high-interest payments and create a brighter future for your family